Insurance Conditions

  • Minium age 25 years. In exceptional case between 23-25 years of age,the renter should pay 25% of repairing value and 1000 dirham excess.
  • If renter/Driver age less than 23 years or driving license less than 6 month, Insurance not available in any case. In this case, Renter should pay loss and damage to Renter‘s car. Victim‘s cars and human and other property compensations.
  • Insurance available only according to the policies of insurance company. If the insurance company reject claim in any matter, It is the responsibility of renter to pay accident value or file case against insurance company.
  • Theft and natural calamities not covered by the insurance. It is the responsibility of to pay all cost in any car/damages due to such incident.
  • If Accident by renter mistake 1000 AED as processing and handling charges to claim insurance.
  • Police report mandatory for all damages to the vehicle incurred during the period of hire.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Security deposit 2000 dhs which will return after 30 days from the date of car return.
  • Salik (toll gate carges) not included in rent value.Renter should pay salik charges and all fines to the office at the time of car rent those will not deduct from deposit amount.
  • It is the responsibility of long-term (monthly) renter to bring the car in office to change oil and filter and for other routine cheakup once in a month, If any problem for the car the renter should report at office. It is the responsibility of long-term renter to check the over heat, Water in radiator, Tires, Battery and Break functioning etc.
  • If any problem for car due to negligence of renter, The cost will charge on renters account. This agreement not allowed renter to repair car by himself without consent of office.
  • It is the responsibility of renter to renew contract after end date. If the car confiscated by police/RTA/Muncipality by the mistake of renter, Renter should pay all daily rent until car or case release, PRO service charge, Fines, Recovery charge etc. If the office opens police case against renter or sponser AED 500/-will charge as legal fees.
  • All check bounce will charge AED 200/- If the renter fail to make payment on agreed date, The office have right to confiscate car or file police case against renter or sponsor. Renter should pay all fines in the office by cash immediately because if there is fines in the system company file will block by concerned department.If the renter fail to pay fines within 7 days 10% extra will charge on each fines.
  • KM Limit Daily : 250 km
    Monthly : 5000 km
    50 fils per each additional KM.

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